I got run off the road the yesterday. 

I got run off the road the yesterday. 

I’m fine. My car is fine. No one was hurt.

The other driver didn’t even look before forcing their way into my lane. It was their fault, and they knew that. They admitted it. They apologized… over and over again.

No matter how often they said “I’m sorry”, it didn’t make me calm down any faster.  I still needed to take care of myself.

I paced a bit and let out long exhales. I let my hands visibly shake. I didn’t care what I looked like to the people passing us on the busy road. I asked for the other driver to stop talking and apologizing so that I could have a moment to calm down because I was scared. I was in shock.

Somehow I knew what I needed and I either did it or I asked for help so that I could get all of the driver’s details and think about my next steps.

I was glad that my son wasn’t in the car with me. I was happy no one was riding their bike beside me, or walking near the curb that I had to drive over to avoid being hit by the other driver.

I’m also glad that the driver admitted their mistake and asked if I was alright.

But they shared that they’ve got a lot going on in their life and they were distracted because they were thinking about what they had to do next and next and next.

I get it.

I’ve done it. I do it.

So how about we take a moment to remind ourselves that the NOW is important.

Yes, the next thing and the next thing matter too.

However, you may not get there or experience it if you don’t take care of what’s going on right now.

Look around you.

Check your blind spots.

Communicate with those around you.

Be patient.  Maybe the best thing you need to do right now is to wait for a minute. Or two.

Don’t rely on something or someone to do your thinking for you.

Do what you need to do no matter how it might look to someone else.

Even if it makes you uncomfortable.

Especially if it makes you uncomfortable.

Deal with what is in front of you and my hope is that you’ll still be able to deal with what comes next ... and so will those around you.

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Iceland. The Good. The Bad & The Ugly.

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