Let It Go

Let It Go

Have you noticed how you're breathing lately?

And did you just change how you were doing it now that I've mentioned it?

It happens. But, I want you to simply bring some attention to what you're doing. 

Often when you're frustrated, anxious, or scared you may tend to take shallow breaths that don't allow your lungs to fill with air. When you don't get enough oxygen, you may feel dizzy, get a headache or just feel exhausted. Not the most helpful things to feel when you're faced with a frustrating, anxious, or scary situation. These can all exacerbate your situation. 

So maybe you try to stuff more air into your lungs by taking bigger breaths and forcing air into your chest. You want more and more and more. 

Try it now. Just keep taking bigger gulps of air. Bigger. More. 

Keep going. 

How are you feeling? 

I suspect that this doesn't make you feel good at all. Perhaps if you weren't dizzy before... you are now!

Now let's try something different. 

Focus on your exhale. Gently.

There's no need to force the air out of your body. Just gently encourage as much of the air out of your lungs while you exhale.

And continue to keep your attention on your out breath. 

You may notice that you're exhaling for a longer period of time than when you first began. Are you feeling calmer yet?

Remember you aren't forcing the air out. Just reminding yourself to expel as much air as you can. Let it all out. Let it go. 

Your in breath will follow. (Since you're reading this, I can verify that your inhale has followed your exhale 100% of the time so far. So know that you're safe.)

You may find that your exhale is longer than your inhale. That's good. It helps you naturally relax. 

How are YOU feeling now?

I suspect a lot better than when you were trying to force air in!


Ever wonder where else you might feel better if you simply let go instead of trying to do, and get, more and more? 

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