Take a Break

Take a Break

I wrote this other post last year. It includes articles and videos that might help you get through a time of year that doesn't always make you feel happy and bright.

This time, I thought that I'd try a new theme but still link to some articles and posts that I thought you might enjoy.

This has been on my mind a lot this year. The more people I work with, the more I see how often it's neglected, or not even valued. Which is a shame.

When you understand the importance, and have embodied this theme, you feel like a badass. Mainly because you're usually a member of a small club of people who are enjoying their lives.

You are the exception to the rule.

You're friends become curious about what you're doing because you sound different and you look different. Most importantly, you know you feel different. You feel better.

So these are for you ...

Want to be a rebel?


Seriously. Stop doing what you're doing for a moment and just be.

Did you try it? How did it feel?

Not many people find rest to be valuable, so they avoid it. They may even mock those who relish it. But then they become exhausted, and sick, and miserable (and oh so much fun to be around), so they go searching for solutions.

What they discover is that taking a break, and hitting pause for a moment could have saved them so much time, and energy. It's a lost practice that needs to be reclaimed. So go forth and be a rebel. It'll be good for you!

If you're worried that this rebellious side of you will be viewed as lazy, then you need to read You Are Not Lazy. And know that doing nothing is also a necessity! You may even find these day makers, or the invisibles, that can change your entire outlook. You don't want to miss them.

Now, I know it can be hard to rest completely, especially if you're use to filling your calendar, and not sitting still. So, this article may be a good place for you to start. It gives you four practical ways to recover from everyday exhaustion.

I freely admit that the first suggestion doesn't happen for me for the entire time suggested, and isn't very practical for parents of young kids, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying it for a shorter period of time. The last suggestion in the article is one of my favourites. I started doing this a few years ago, and I felt a positive change immediately.

Need some more suggestions to help you take care of yourself if you're suffering from burn out? There might be something here that you will find useful. 

How often do you use the term "stressful" to describe your life, a situation or experience? Well, according to this article "ironically, saying something is “stressful” doesn’t really help us cope that well with stress." Has this been your experience? The good thing about this post is that it'll give you an idea of how to go beyond claiming "This is Stressful" and what happens when you think and talk this way. Plus it will tell you what you can try instead. (Hint: You need to get specific about your needs and a great way to do that is to take a moment and pause and listen to yourself.) 

Taking that pause will also help you determine how your heart is doing so you can avoid the disease of being busy. It's an ugly disease because busy is boring. Stop praying at the altar of busy

And sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is to mother yourself. You need to "... start paying attention to that little voice—the one that says, “I need this.” Listen and give it what it craves. There will be voices trying to dissuade you from this gift of care-taking, but do not listen to them. Those voices of negativity, pressure, and perfection will bleed you dry, steal your joy, and leave you hungry. They will not nurture you. Mother yourself so you can be the best version of you."

Or like I said above, be a badass and make sure that you are taking time to sit silently, tune in, determine what you need, and get enough rest! 

Start small, take baby steps, so that these small steps become habits that you soon won't want to be without. 

Rainbows In The Clouds

Rainbows In The Clouds

A Gift For You!

A Gift For You!