This Is What I Know For Sure

This Is What I Know For Sure

It's a new year, but you don't need to be a new you. You are perfectly imperfect.

And so am I.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't like to change some things. I do, and some I will.

Others I won't.

It'll depend on what I want to prioritize or if I'll simply choose to change my perspective instead. 

Will I declare it here and everywhere in the hopes that someone other than me will care about it?


But I doubt it.

How else would I remain an enigma wrapped in a caramel shell if I told you everything? (Ugh, that last line came to me via an old boyfriend... it was just as awful when I heard it the first time.)

But I would love to share with you some things that I know for sure as of this moment. 

This list is nowhere near complete, and it's in no particular order.

* Being surprised by a new table warmer during your appointment with your massage therapist is a great way to welcome the week. 

* Give people the time to finish their question and/or thought before you jump in because you assume you know what they're going to say and you want to either answer their question or finish their thought for them. It's really annoying, disrespectful and sometimes you will be wrong. I'm still guilty of this sometimes too.

* You have every right to walk away and stop listening to abuse being tossed your way.

* Being passionate about something, almost anything, is sexy. 

* Tell the great people in your life that you love being around how you feel. You might be surprised how it helps your relationship get better. And if it doesn't, well, it might suck at first but eventually, it will free up some space for even better people to come in. 

* Those great people will help you remember why you're great too.

* No is a complete sentence. 

* Directness over dishonesty. Always.

* Cats can be adorable jerks that you will do anything for.

* It's ok to cry when you remember your old pets.

* You're not a mind reader. Unless you are... so tell me, what am I thinking? 

* Sending old friends and estranged family love from afar is fine if that's all the energy that you can muster. 

* I used to fake enthusiasm for poetry, especially poetry that I didn't understand. It was exhausting. Who knew that I just needed to find the poems of nayyirah waheed and Rupi Kaur for that to change?

* Nina Simone's song "Mississippi Goddamn" gets me all fired up!

* Snow is pretty, but it's no fun to shovel. 

* Listen to your gut if you feel bad vibes around someone that everyone else seems to adore. You'll be better off. 

* A walk in the woods or nature is good for the soul.

* You are allowed to change your mind as often as you want or need to. 

* Ketchup on eggs is wrong.

* Look a person directly in the eye when you say "Hello", or "Thank you." It's a small gesture but a huge way to connect with them.


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