A Self-Care Letter For You (And Me)

Hello beautiful you,

I’m writing this as a reminder for you (and me) so that you can continue to shine brightly and be brilliant at offering your gifts/light/love to those of us who need & want you now and in the near future.

Let's start with what I consider to be the most important thing.


It's a must! Ensure that you’ve built in enough time for yourself to either prepare and/or take care of yourself before, after and in between your work/sessions/classes/workshops/calls/interviews/meetings/travels/volunteering.

If you’re not sure how much time you might need, take a good guess and... triple it!

Let this be your starting point from where you’ll eventually find the right balance for yourself.

But remember that balance is a tricky concept simply because it's fluid. Sometimes there won't seem to be a lot of parameters around balance, and other times those boundary walls may suffocate you.

Some days you may need more time and less on others. Remember that it’s easier for you to fill up your time with things than it is to make more time. Use it wisely, and protect it with great care. It's valuable.

Remember how well you feel when you are rested, fed, hydrated, and exercised. Make each of these a priority every day.

A good night’s sleep helps you have enough energy to secure nourishing food (whatever that looks like for you!). Good quality water and herbal teas help every system in your body to work better. And to help you have a good night’s sleep each night, move your body during the day! Take a walk, a hike or a run. Dance in your kitchen. Play in that playground over there, jump on a trampoline and breathe deep while you’re at it.

What brings you joy?

If you’re not sure, get curious and try new things. Bringing enough joy into your days, weeks and months will help you deal with some of the not so joyous moments in your life. Plus it’ll make you a more interesting person who will be naturally interested in what’s going on in the world and with other people. Interesting people are never boring.

Take the time to get grounded. Experiment with ways that work best for you, but I’ll tell you from experience that planting your feet, hands, or bottom on the earth is probably the quickest and best way to do it. If it’s too cold or too dirty to do it via bare skin, know that a natural fiber between you and the earth won’t get in the way of grounding.

Say a little prayer to the sun upon rising and to the moon when she winks at you. I consider “Hello” and “Thank you” to be two simple but powerful prayers. If you don't like the word prayer, don't say it. Just remember to be grateful that you got to wake up and see the sun and/or moon for one more day.

This letter contains the basic guidelines for your self-care. Expand on it in any way that you need to fill up your reserves.

Your plan will only be successful if you make it work for you.

Don’t do what someone else is doing if you don’t want to. Sure, look to others for inspiration but you know you’re a different person so copying someone else exactly won’t work. It never will.

Know that you are not alone on this path of taking care of yourself. I’m right here with you... reminding myself of the very things I just wrote about.

Some days are easier than others. Some days you won’t want to go on. But then there will be the days when you have taken care of yourself so well that you’ll feel unstoppable! You will be radiant, vibrating on the highest of highs that will help your people (or person) find you, truly see you, and draw closer and closer.

I wish you the very best.

Love from your self-care partner,

Olwen Wilson

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