Rainbows In The Clouds

I loved the sentiment of this video.

It helps me to remember my "rainbows", the people who I'm grateful for in my life. Some have unexpectedly shown up when I needed them the most.

Some of my rainbows don't even know my name, and I don't know theirs.

But that doesn't make them any less powerful in my story.

Let me tell you about one of my rainbows.

I moved to a small-ish town a few years before my son was born. My husband worked long hours and his commute to his office was about an hour away from our house, one way.

Locals weren't very open to new people moving in, so I didn't have many friends who lived close by. I was lonely. I only had a new baby and some pets to talk to a lot of the time.

One day, I made my way out to a local store. The cashier was an older woman, who never said much to me. She seemed to go out of her way to ignore me.

She had long blonde hair with bright pink streaks. She wore a ton of eye makeup and made out with her boyfriend behind the store on her breaks. She was rude... but I kinda admired her badass self.

She served me on this day and instead of ignoring me, or asking about my son, who was sleeping in his carrier, she asked: "How is mom doing?".

I usually hate it when someone calls me mom (who isn't my kid). But not that day.

It was the best thing she could have done at that moment. It was so sincere and I was so grateful that yet another person hadn't just asked about my kid and never looked my way.

At that moment, she became my rainbow.

It was a small gesture that brightened my day and it's one that I think of often when I'm having a rough day. Remembering her voice, asking me how I'm doing can still brighten my day.

So... who are your rainbows?

And, how can you be a rainbow in someone else's life?

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