What Will You Discover?

Sometimes when you start something new, you quickly stop and go back to the comfort of what you know instead of facing the discomfort of the unknown.

It can be risky to keep moving forward, and it's a lot easier to allow fear, shame, or [insert your reason/excuse here] to keep you safe.

Sometimes staying safe is absolutely necessary.

But sometimes you regret making a hasty decision. Especially if you're not in any physical, emotional or mental danger.

Other times you're grateful for who you've become after hanging in and staying committed to your new practice/class/relationship. You might find that there's less fear the further forward you go.

You may even surprise yourselves with what you discover in the process.

So today I'm writing to remind you that whatever challenge you're faced with today (or tomorrow), ask yourself this:

What grace could come from this situation?

Not enjoying the current project you took on... what grace could come from this situation?

Having trouble connecting with members in your group... what grace could come from this situation?

Regret asking for someone's help... what grace could come from this situation?

This question is meant to keep you open to the possibilities of what may come. It may help you stay alert to what wants to reveal itself to you.

You were curious enough to begin/sign-up... maybe you need to give yourself a chance to see why.

You might be delighted by what you discover on the other side of your discomfort.

I really hope that happens for you.

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