Olwen is one of the most sincere and supportive yoga instructors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her individualized attention and care and clear investment in my positive experience was evident from the absolute beginning; I felt rejuvenated and supported physically, emotionally, and spiritually. She facilitates her classes in a way that makes it feel so deliciously safe to participate one hundred percent. I would recommend her and her classes without a second’s hesitation—doubly so if she’s bringing her drum.
— Brenda E.
Thank you for the wonderfully safe & loving container you created for us.
— C. R.
I hadn’t realized how deeply I was craving tender care before walking into Olwen’s restorative yoga class. Her approach is so gorgeously personal. I was touched when she went around to each of us, asking us what our needs for the class were, and seemed to tailor fit the practice to meet us exactly where we were at in the moment. Through her thoughtful words, powerful voice, and beautiful drumming, I could feel myself surrendering to deeper and deeper levels of relaxation. After interacting with her kind support, I walked away feeling seen and completely taken care of. I highly recommend working with her in any way that you can.
— Mara Glatzel
You are very good at what you do, Olwen, and I believe you have found your calling. You make such a difference and you’ve made a difference with me already.
— S. B.

"Your class was fantastic tonight - thanks so much!! I was pretty nervous, but loved it. See you next week!" - Julie G.

Olwen is a centered leader, and she guided us through each pose with a steady calmness. I also appreciated that she checked in with us during a few of the more difficult poses and provided gentle feedback about how to adjust if needed. She did this in such a way that it felt possible to really tell her if something didn’t feel right; her energy was clear about being there to help and genuinely wanting each participant to have a great experience. My body felt engaged and good throughout the class. The best way to describe a class with Olwen is that she creates a beautiful container in which to practice yoga, that is safe, engaged, and personal. I cannot recommend a class with her highly enough.
— Joanna K.
The environment that you provided for us working together was great. It felt so warm and safe!!
— S. U.

"Thank you Olwen for a great reintroduction into yoga. I had feared I would never be able to enjoy it again. I truly appreciate the care you give me (and all the students)." - Barbara S.

A yoga class with Olwen Wilson feels like a retreat from the world. Her very presence feels like an invitation to unfold and unwind, and her voice is incredibly calming and soothing. Her instructions are clear and she’s able to easily assist anyone who needs it without interfering with the rhythm of the class in a very easy way. I love that Olwen brings her own touches, like drumming, to yoga and that I took away ideas I can easily use at home. I can’t recommend her classes highly enough!
— Christa G.
Thank you for creating the space for us to be able to share and strengthen ourselves.
— A. A.
Olwen did a fantastic job throughout, from centering us to explaining the poses to ensuring we each were in a comfortable body position. She reminded us that “feeling awesome” is the goal, not having the most flexible body or the best pose. This was the most body positive class I’ve been to and I so appreciated that. I have an auto-immune illness that limits my mobility and flexibility and it was wonderful and encouraging to feel able and welcome as I am. Olwen has a true gift of making yoga accessible to all in attendance.
— Leigh C.

"You are such a great example of someone living what they teach - I want to be more like that." - Bernice D.

I couldn’t be happier with my new teacher! I love the attention Olwen gives to each participant – respecting every body’s abilities and providing modifications to get the most of your experience. In short, it met my expectations which are always set quite high.
— Suzanne B.
I just wanted to thank you for this class. Even when things got deep you made the space feel so warm & safe.
— D.H.
I am feeling pretty fantastic after last night’s class! I cannot believe how after just one class it seems so much easier to reach up for things. I think the highlight for me was just being able to disconnect from everything else, and focus on myself! I could have even fallen asleep during the relaxation at the end! Thank you for introducing me to Curvy Yoga!
— Susan D.