Let’s work together


Some People aren't quite sure what they need when we begin working together.

Other people know exactly what they want.

Most people want to feel better. They aren’t always sure what that looks like or feels like for them.

They could use some suggestions and support to help them explore their options.

They choose to work with me so that they can continue to:

  • Deepen their connection to themselves.

  • Find their voice that has been silenced or forgotten

  • Take the lead in their life.

They want to say yes to things that excite them, no to what brings them down and how to deal with everything that falls in between.

Whatever your reasons are for being here, please know that I'm glad you can join me.

You aren’t alone and I’m here to help.

I believe that there is a reason why we meet the people that we do. We may not understand the why, right away, but it doesn't take away the value that you gain from the connection. I've experienced this many times.

You're in the right place if you want to be supported by someone who fully appreciates all that you are.

Whether you choose to work with me in a class, a workshop or one-on-one, know that I'm here for you and I can't wait to support you.

You can find all the current ways to work with me below.

Exploring Creative Connection

Visual journaling is a way to use your creativity to help you think and feel differently.

In this workshop, you'll make unique art journal pages using paint, images, your writing, images and other mixed media of your choosing.

I’ll help you get over your fear of the blank page in your provided sketchbook so that you can dive deeper into your intuitive knowing. Here you can answer questions and solve problems while having a whole lot of fun.

Come and access your inner wisdom while playing in a joyful way!

We meet on Sunday, October 6, 2019.

Time For You To Write To Heal

Together, we can explore what happens when you get your cares, worries and stories out of your head and onto a page.

In this course, you’ll develop a plan and a practice that will give you back your sense of self, repair damage from your past and assert your individuality and authority.

This course will return in early 2020.

Firm But Kind

One of my particular gifts is the ability to help people see what's just in front of their noses and give them advice about the best way to move forward for them, in a way that's firm, but kind.

Do you have a question or a concern that you're spending too much time analyzing and thinking about? 

Send it my way and I'll share my wisdom and intuition to help you move forward.

My directness saves you time and my kindness helps you take in an answer that can benefit you the most.

You'll receive my answer within 48 hours after you complete your purchase.

Virtual Tea Time

Let’s connect over tea and get to know one another a bit better. These free 30-minute virtual sessions only happen a few times a year so click the button below to learn more and claim your spot.

PS. This is a no selling zone.